Karen Salmon

Karen was born in beautiful Blairgowrie, Scotland.  Karen graduated with a BA in Business Administration from Strathclyde University. She moved to England in 1986 where she met Mike Salmon and worked as the marketing director for his electronics company. She also completed a Diploma in Marketing while working there. They eventually married and had two beautiful daughters: Charlotte, who is a Masters Psychology graduate; and Rebecca, who is a primary school teacher, having worked as a TA at Hungerford Primary and spent summer holidays behind the old bar at the 3 Swans. In 2005, Karen decided to change her career path to the legal profession and, despite having 2 small children at home and a full-time job, she studied for years, qualifying as a solicitor and eventually opened her own law practice, Marlborough Law, in 2017 with Alex Atkins. The firm opened another office in Hungerford in March 2020, the day before lockdown. The practice specialises in Family Law and Business Law with a focus on helping local people. She currently lives in Shalbourne and was recently elected as the chair of the Chamber of Commerce. Karen is still Managing Director of her husband’s electronics firm which is based locally and employs local people. She lives and breathes local business and is committed to creating a thriving environment for Hungerford businesses.